Cover letter recommendations

« The young are of age when they twitter like the old; they are driven through school to learn the old song, and, when they have this by heart, they are declared of age. » Max Stirner (German philosopher)

Writing a cover letter is a very difficult exercise as it requires being precise, comprehensive and concise. We recommend using an e-mail which is sufficient in most cases and, due to brevity associated with this medium, will encourage you to remain concise.

- Used in the body of an e-mail message, it must drive the recipient to open your CV attachment
- Limit your text to 10 or 15 lines
- Gather information about your target company so that you are familiar with its values and semantic
- Proof read and have someone proof read again to avoid typos and spelling errors
- Overuse the first person
- Use clichés sentences such as “your rapidly expanding company”
- Paraphrase your CV (because it is attached, it is no use detailing your entire background)
- Mention your personal situation and do not voice your opinion about a former employer
- Disclose your salary expectations