Partnership with “Questions de Coach”

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Jahida Majorel


Jahida is an Executive Coach and supports executives and managers in their process of growth, evolution and change management.

She draws on the wealth of a 25-year multicultural background in the world of tourism, in which she has held management positions mainly in marketing and sales.

This paradigm, particularly centred on the connection to others, open to diversity, sensitive to change and resolutely oriented towards performance, is the basis of her conviction in people’s ability to adjust, reinvent themselves and unleash their potential.

She is particularly interested in the adoption of managerial practices and the mobilization of collective intelligence, which she defines as “knowing how to be together at the service of a collective know-how”.

For you, our client, integration coaching allows you to:

  • Safeguard recruitment by treating the integration phase as a change in the system and not only as the insertion of an exogenous element
  • Attain a smoother adjustment by preserving the equilibrium
  • Achieve the desired level of performance faster and with minimal disruption by actively accompanying the transformation
  • Optimize the cost of integration by using the company’s “Training Plan” budgets to align the position and the new hire

For our candidates, transition coaching helps to:

  • Support change and professional growth
  • Unleash potential, individual empowerment
  • Direct and guide, steer, reveal excellence
  • Free yourself from barriers and misconceptions


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