Support to “Tremplins du Coeur”

Upscale has renewed its support to association “Les Tremplins du Coeur”

Following the commitment we made over a year ago, we made a donation representing 1% of our annual turnover to the “Tremplins du Coeur” in December 2019.

With this donation, we want to promote the outreach actions made by the association in favour of employment and to assert our social responsibility.

Indeed, beyond our regular volunteering with professional associations, schools and educational centres, we believe it is crucial to financially support the non-profit sector.

Within the “Restos du Cœur”, a major French non-profit, association “Les Tremplins du Cœur” has been active since 2011 in designing integration pathways and bridges to employment for the Restos du Cœur community seeking employment, while supporting its partner companies in their recruitment efforts.

Association “Les Tremplins du Coeur” helps its community to find a professional activity in a sustainable way. It offers training leading to qualifications or certification in occupations that are facing recruitment difficulties.

The mission of the Tremplins is therefore exercised on 2 levels:

  • Promoting access to hard-to-fill positions for the “Restos du Cœur” public,
  • Supporting partner companies of the Restos in their recruitments.

Are you interested to support the association as well?

You may:

For more information, please click this link or contact us.