Partnership with “Les Tremplins du Cœur”

UPSCALE is delighted to announce an official partnership with the French non-profit organisation Les Tremplins du Cœur!

Why this partnership? Because our profession is human-centred, because giving back is important to us and so is supporting vocational integration and return to employment.

Already active in various sectors, including supermarkets and manufacturing, the association is currently working on developing an offer for the hotel industry, a perspective that we found naturally appealing!

We have therefore committed to donating a percentage of our annual turnover to this great association.

Our first donation was made at the end of last year and, from March 2019, our customers will see a note on our invoices stating our commitment.

If you are interested in supporting the projects of “Tremplins du Cœur” or would like have more information, please visit this link or download their brochure.

About “Tremplins du Cœur” :

“Within the “Restos du Cœur” (a major French NGO), “Les Tremplins du Cœur” has been working since 2011 to design integration paths and bridges to employment for the public of the Restos du Cœur in search of employment, while supporting its partner companies in their recruitment.

The association “Les Tremplins du Cœur” allows people to return to a professional activity in a sustainable way. It offers qualified or certified training in professions that are “in tension”, i.e. where there are high recruitment needs that employers find difficult to meet.”