Upscale x FERRANDI Paris collaboration

Upscale is pleased to announce that Séverin Ferrand has been facilitating the Career Booster for the students of the “Master of Science in Hospitality Management” at FERRANDI Paris since last September, for the 2nd consecutive year. We explain the program in this post.

What is the Career Booster?

The purpose of this program is to enable students to improve their self-reliance before they enter the job market via an internship or a job contract, to enhance their application and their visibility in the eyes of recruiters, and ultimately to develop their professional network.

What does the Career Booster include?

  • a set of coaching sessions by class on various recruitment-related topics
  • mock job interviews with recruiters or hospitality professionals
  • a number of conferences with professional hospitality speakers
  • individual and personalized tutoring for each student

What are the results?

  • a majority of students from the previous class secured their internship before or during the summer of 2021, despite the adverse effect of the Covid-19 pandemic
  • more than 92% of respondents indicated that the Career Booster allowed them to increase their professional skills

Séverin Ferrand comments: “I am delighted to continue Upscale HR Consulting’s partnership with FERRANDI Paris in 2021-2022, an initiative that gives me the opportunity to meet tomorrow’s talent, while providing them with recruiting tips to better position themselves in a highly competitive environment, including when applying for internships. The Career Booster is one of several initiatives taken by FERRANDI Paris to best support its students during their educational and professional development.”